Debuting at EICMA, NEWBOT Hits The Ground Running

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Debuting at EICMA, NEWBOT Hits The Ground Running

On November 7, the Milan two-wheeled Auto Show officially kicked off, it has a long exhibition history and reputation, and as the first 

exhibition NEWBOT also received a wide range of praise on the scene.


The exhibition has thousands of brands from different countries and regions, and each product is world-class in both performance 

and appearance design. As the first exhibition of Chinese brand NEWBOT booth lively, cool electric motorcycle attracted many 

exhibitors stop to take photos.

At the exhibition, NEWBOT made a comprehensive breakthrough from the dimensions of design, performance and technology, 

not only gorgeous appearance, reliable quality, but also environmental protection and energy saving, riding through the city, 

from inside to outside will feel its special charm.

In this exhibition, NEWBOT, with its own core strength and technology, gained the recognition of the majority of exhibitors, and also 

let the world witness the strength of Chinese manufacturing, stunning the world.






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