Maintenance Tips for Electric Vehicles

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Maintenance Tips for Electric Vehicles

What problems will be encountered in the daily use of electric vehicles? The first is the battery life problem, followed by the motor has no power, noise, or brake braking response is slow and other problems, in fact, most of the problems can be improved in our daily maintenance and proper use of the case.

1. Check the tire pressure to ensure that it is neither too high nor too low. Regularly check the tires to see if there are any cracks, if the air pressure has dropped significantly or if there are frequent leaks, and replace the tires in time if necessary.

2. Regularly check and lubricate the tire bearings to ensure that they are functioning properly, reducing resistance and extending the EV range.

3. Regularly check the thickness of brake pads, and replace them in time if they are found to be badly worn or have abnormal sound when braking.

4. Check the electric wiring of the electric vehicle, including whether the battery wiring is connected, loose or damaged, to ensure that the electrical system works properly.

5. Check and tighten the plugs of each line inside the electric vehicle to prevent water ingress.

6. Avoid charging in hot, sunny or humid environments to prevent wiring deterioration, short-circuiting or leakage.

7. Perform regular detail maintenance, such as cleaning the dust of the controller and contact lines, adjusting the brake tightness to keep the brakes sensitive and working well.

8. Regularly check the moisture-proof measures of the battery, such as timely drying the battery surface when it is frosted.

9. When the motor stops running, the dust and sludge outside the motor should be removed in time to keep the motor clean, pay attention to not directly spraying with water when cleaning, in order to prevent moisture and dust from entering into the internal motor.






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