NEWBOT Shine 2023 Chongqing Electric Motorcycle Exhibition

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NEWBOT Shine 2023 Chongqing Electric Motorcycle Exhibition

On September 18, the four-day Chongqing Electric Motor Exhibition came to an end. NEWBOT as exhibitor,Five explosive 

models were displayed at the scene,Won the visitors' praise and favor.


In order to provide a more intuitive display effect, we designed a mountain style background poster to match the models we 

displayed on site, so that visitors can feel the aesthetic combination of NEWBOT electric motorcycle and nature more intuitively.

Since the exhibition was launched, NEWBOT's booth has been popular, and visitors from all over the world continue to stop 

and exchange ideas. This shows the brand influence of NEWBOT products.

Visitors at the scene are attracted by the electric motorcycle made by NEWBOT. The exquisite paint, high-quality workmanship 

and amazing details can be used as the "business card" of NEWBOT.

The electric motorcycle exhibition is over, but NEWBOT is not. Thanks to every friend who visited NEWBOT booth, thanks to every 

customer who trusted NEWBOT, our friendship will last forever.






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