Only Love Can Not Live Up To, Night Riding Feel The Wind And Freedom

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Only Love Can Not Live Up To, Night Riding Feel The Wind And Freedom

When the light of day recedes and the neon lights on the road light up, the city's night walkers begin to gear up and unlock the other side of the city with their wheels.


Walk in any corner of the city, or bustling night scenery, or noisy fireworks, or quiet cafes, feel the relaxation brought by night riding, 

forget all the troubles during the day, enjoy the night wind, enjoy the romance of the night.


But in the night riding, the light is the most important, we wear as bright as possible, must wear protective gear. And try to choose their own familiar route, do not go to remote suburbs and places without street lights, but also to ensure that the speed is safe.


More night riders believe that only by abiding by the rules can there be "wind and freedom", I hope that everyone can abide by the traffic rules and put safety awareness first, only in this way can we ride longer and ride farther.






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