STROM Will Take You To The Future.

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STROM Will Take You To The Future.

The STORM, a high-speed electric motorcycle model in the NEWBOT series, is designed for consumers who are looking for high speed and strong power. The exterior of this vehicle is full of racing flavor, with a unique upper and lower embrace design and blade front design, combining peak speed and functional aesthetics.


In addition to its striking looks, the STORM also offers excellent power performance. The vehicle is equipped with an 8KW mid-mounted electric motor with a maximum torque of 148NM and a speed of 150km/h.

It also features a 72V102AH Li-ion ternary battery with a city range of 140 kilometers.

In order to ensure the safety of high-speed travel, STORM adopts a high-performance frame, aluminum alloy flat forks and front and rear ABS linked braking systems, while carrying 17-inch semi-hot-melt tires, which provide a reliable guarantee for riding.






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