TOTORO, Affordable, Superior Performance

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TOTORO, Affordable, Superior Performance

NEWBOT launched the TOTORO electric scooter, with its economic and practical characteristics, quickly attracted the attention of consumers, the next for you to introduce the charm of TOTORO in detail.

Appearance, the use of a rounded atmospheric shell, minimalist style, in line with the current aesthetic trends, the round headlight design, but also gives a very cute feeling. Power, TOTORO equipped with a 4000W motor, using the leading domestic brand Quanshun motor for its tailor-made motor, very strong power, top speed up to 95km / h. Range, TOTORO uses a ternary lithium battery, the battery compartment is designed to be very sensitive and convenient, can be extracted at will to recharge, but also reduce the weight of the body, in the case of a fully charged, urban range Mileage can reach 140KM, allowing you to travel without mileage anxiety.

From the above short introduction, we can see that the TOTORO is a car that has a lot to offer in terms of looks, range and technology.






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