What Are The Cost-effective Advantages of NEWBOT Electric Motorcycles?

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What Are The Cost-effective Advantages of NEWBOT Electric Motorcycles?

I believe that when you are shopping for electric motorcycles, you may find that the cars that are similar to our NEWBOT electric motorcycles do not seem to be very different, but our price is higher than the others, so where is the expensive money?

1. The plastic parts of different materials and processes:

       First simply from the appearance of the body, some of the car's plastic parts are more common materials, and easy to crack, the color is ordinary baking paint, color performance may appear impurities, not allowed, uneven and other issues, and after a long time after the loss of color is serious, which affects the aesthetics. However, our NEWBOT cars use automotive-grade ABS paint, accurate color, water and sunlight resistance, and everlasting. The overall plastic parts are strong and solid, well-made.

2. Differences in core powerplants:

       When you scrutinize the parameters of the motor and controller on the certificate of conformity, you will see the difference. In order to improve the range of our motorcycles, we use high-cost lithium batteries, light lithium batteries can greatly reduce the weight of the body, and high energy density, can improve the range. Our motors are customized motors jointly developed with the leading domestic brand "Quanshun" and printed with our logo, our parameters are really valid, no false labeling, stable life, no overload operation.

With the continuous progress of the electric car, the industry competition is also increasingly fierce, the price war has slowly withdrawn from the market, the brand motorcycle gradually to high-quality products closer. Our electric motorcycle with rigorous materials, fine workmanship, strong core power, and we have confidence in their own products, will give a long time warranty, so that you are free from worries. You must choose qualified and reliable products, safe travel, and a smooth trip.






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