What Is The Reason for Electric Motorcycle Brake Locking?

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What Is The Reason for Electric Motorcycle Brake Locking?

I don't know whether you have encountered the electric motorcycle brake holding dead in the process of riding, brake holding dead refers to in the case of emergency braking, electric motorcycle wheels will be because of the brake force is too large and stop rotating or rotating speed significantly slowed down, resulting in the loss of stability of vehicle handling. What are the reasons for this?

1. Insufficient steering resistance: If the friction between the front wheel and the road surface decreases when the motorized scooter is moving (e.g., driving on a slippery road surface), the brake force will be preferentially transmitted to the rear wheel, resulting in the rear wheel locking.

2. Brake failure: Worn brakes, improper adjustment or leakage from the hydraulic braking system may cause the brakes to hold.

3. Insufficient or unbalanced tire pressure: Insufficient or unbalanced tire pressure may result in lower friction between the tire and the road surface, which in turn may lead to brake holding.

4. Rider operation error: the rider uses improper braking methods, such as suddenly releasing the brake when braking, which may lead to brake locking.

5. Overly soft suspension: excessive sagging of the suspension system may cause the wheels to separate from the road surface, which in turn leads to brake locking.

If an electric motorcycle experiences brake locking, the rider should immediately release the brakes and adjust the braking method to restore the stability of the vehicle. If the problem persists, it is recommended to visit a service store or a professional motorcycle mechanic for inspection and repair.






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